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Drive Decision, LLC is lobbying and consulting firm specializing in meeting your needs with the Legislative, Executive branches of Government and bodies of local self-government.

We have formed a team of professionals, highly skilled specialists with broad political experience and business acumen who know how to overcome obstacles to working business in Ukraine by developing and implementing individual, creative and effective strategies.

In political circles, sayings are often used: “If you don`t have a seat at the table, you`re probably on the menu” This statement clearly describes the situation surrounding the interaction between business and government. Not being part of government discussions may cost businesses and associations dearly when legislators and bureaucrats negotiate laws or rules under which we must operate.

That is why We are proud to represent clients before all levels of government, drawing on our collective experience, knowledge of regulatory procedures and a comprehensive approach to project implementation.

Our team understands the importance of aggressive client representation. We pride ourselves on identifying and implementing the most strategic approaches to our clients’ objectives.

Lobbying and Public relations

Legislative representation is the specialty of Drive Decision. Our company is ready to provide you:

  • Development and promotion of legislative initiatives;
  • Ensuring a client’s lobbying presence;
  • Establishing communications with legislative, executive and local authorities;
  • Development of GR and PR strategy;
  • Analysis of the legislative framework according to the specific sphere of activity;
  • Analysis of draft legal acts that may affect the industry and individual business;
  • Research of the political situation;
  • Cutting public opinion that affects individual political decisions;
  • Creating a political image.
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Support of investments

Drive Decision understands the need for effective business protection and investment support at all stages. Therefore, our company is ready to provide you:

  • Complaints and audit in investment activity;
  • Assistance for entry into the Ukrainian market, coordination of investment projects;
  • Market analysis, review of the state of competition, state regulation, market trends and market saturation;
  • Development of recommendations for entering the market or its segments, audit and minimization of risks;
  • Creation and development of a map of the main stackers and potential partners;
  • Creating GR and PR strategies for specific projects and the company as a whole;
  • Contract support and contractor analysis;
  • Consultations in the field of public procurement, privatization of state property;
  • Analysis of grant support opportunities.
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Practice areas
Agricultural sector & Food Industry
Agricultural sector & Food Industry

The agrarian sector and the food industry are important components of the Ukrainian economy. Our experts have considerable experience in these areas. Therefore Drive Decision team understands the problems that concern the business and is ready to provide effective support to our customers.

Fuel & Energy sector
Fuel & Energy sector

The specifics of the work in the fuel and energy sector consist in a large number and complexity of legislative regulation. A competent expert assessment of a situation or specific issue is an advantage of the Drive Decision, which in turn allows you to respond to challenges in a timely manner, save resources and time.


In the modern world, environmental policy is increasingly taking on a dominant position on the agenda. Environmental protection and conservation, waste management, renewable energy resources, all important things affecting public policy and business. Drive Decision is ready to help clients convey their opinions to government officials.

Industry & Infrastructure
Industry & Infrastructure

Drive Decision, pays great attention to cooperation with businesses operating in these sectors. We provide support to the company in the field of logistics and transport infrastructure, as well as provide support to companies of the industrial sector of the economy based on the peculiarities of the work of a separate business.


The defense industry is an important component of the Ukrainian economy. Many organizations depend on politics in the defense sector, but the closed and monopolistic status of state-owned enterprises in the production and sale of weapons only generates corruption and reduces the defense capability of our country. Drive Decision understands the importance of the demonopolization of this sector and is ready to accompany projects in this sector.

Innovation & IT
Innovation & IT

Artificial intelligence, Internet stuff, droni, cybersport things that are developing today and do not have the proper state regulation. Often such a situation is only in favor of companies, but sometimes it happens, and especially when officials at their discretion try to resolve relevant issues. Therefore, Drive Decision is ready to convey the position of innovative business to power.


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